ISSAE in practice

ISSAE combines every year different activities:

Summer Schools

Summer School 2017

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(L. Hazard)

The summer school is held annually in July. It combines a week of on-site training in different countries with two weeks of personal work following instructions and interactions through ISSAE’s website. Students earn 4.5 ECTS by attending the Summer School. In 2016, the SS took place in Alnarp (Sweden) and in 2017 it was organised in Brussels (Belgium). In 2018 it will be held in Toulouse (France).

Participants to the Summer School analyse alternatives to the dominant model of agriculture through the review of case studies that implicitly or explicitly refer to agroecology. The specific feature of the Summer School is to discuss how these alternatives are positioned in relation to practices, sciences and social movements, and to understand why they succeed or fail. Active Learning is at the centre of our approach. Active Learning potential is still largely overlooked in Universities. However, we believe it is the most efficient method to reach our objectives and cope with the transdisciplinary nature of Agroecology .

It is expected that at the end of each Summer School, participants will be able to use tools that stimulate the links between the three dimensions involved in agroecology transition in order to become potential “innovation brokers”.

Field trips

A Field Trip emphasizes innovative practices! It is a 2 days multiplier event, taking place in autumn. In 2016, it took place in Brussels (Belgium), and focused firstly on urban agriculture and secondly on networking as a source of innovation.

Field trip aims at emphasising practices developed by professionals engaged in agroecology and local stakeholders. It is ideal to mix people from different background: farmers and their supports already engaged in agroecology, those that are considering a move towards agroecology, and various categories of people in charge of rural development in its broad sense. It helps providing case studies to the subsequent Summer School. Former participants are welcome to strengthen ISSAE community.

Seminar “Teaching agroecology: methods and outstanding initiatives”

This seminar was meant to favour the exchange of practices and dissemination of active learning. It took place in Toulouse (France) the 26th and 27th April 2017.

The seminar was addressed to teachers, professors, and staff in charge of educational planning and organisation in higher institutions of education and agricultural secondary schools. It brought together around 30 people, from France and partner countries.