Legal Notices

Editorial director : Jean-Louis Hemptinne

Contents, copyright and links

Nevertheless the care which we bring to protect the integrity of documents put on-line, accidental modifications cannot be totally excluded.

Besides, links towards other sites, private or official, French or foreign, are proposed in this site, they commit on no account the persons in charge of the site as for their contents and aim that to allow the Internet user to reach more easily other documentary resources on the consulted subject.

If you notice errors, thank you for indicating them to us.

The « public » documents or « the officials » are covered by no copyright (article L.122-5 of the French Code of Intellectual property) and can be thus reproduced freely.

All other present contents on the site (including photos, graphics and multimedia resources) are covered by the copyright.

Any resumption is conditioned from then on in the agreement of the author by virtue of the article L.122-4 of the French Code of the Intellectual property.

The authorization requests of reproduction of contents must be sent to the persons in charge of the site to, by e-mail or mail.

The reproductions with commercial purpose or advertising executives will be not authorized, allowing exceptions.

The good use of the internet wants that the reproduction of contents (after authorization) in a partial or complete way mentions clearly the author and the origin of the document in the form of a link towards the site to

Any public site is authorized to establish a link towards the information of the site under reserve:

– To warn, by courtesy, the persons in charge of it of the site by e-mail,

– That the title of the link contains the explicit mention to,

– Not to use the technique of the « framing » which would imbricate the pages of the site inside the pages of another site,

– That the used information is it only for personal use, educational, associative or professional; any use for commercial purposes or advertising executives that must be made by a request with the persons in charge.

This authorization applies on no account to web sites broadcasting information with racist, pornographic, xenophobic, polemical or c character, in a general way to strike a blow at the sensibility of the largest number.

Protection of personal data

Electronic messages sent to the persons in charge of the site and the communicated e-mail addresses are kept only for the necessary time for their processing.

No personal information is given up to third parties.

In application of the French article 27 of data protection acts n. 78.17 on January 6th, 1978, every person has a right of access, rectification, modification and abolition concerning personal. This right can be exercised by sending an e-mail to the persons in charge of the site.