Alexandra Magro





Research interests

My main research interests lie in the area of evolutionary ecology of predator-prey interactions. The predators and preys I’m interested in are ladybirds (Coccinellidae : Coleoptera) and aphids / coccids (Aphididae / Coccoidea : Hemiptera) and therefore my research covers also the applied field of biological control.

In the first years of my associate professor career I was faced with a new field for me – teachers training in ecology (French agricultural secondary school system). The objective of the ecology French agricultural curriculum was to give pupils (future agricultural professionals) a better understanding of the environmental framework within which they would be working and a better appreciation of environmental questions. However, the teachers were having difficulties in meeting this objective. In this context, I developed a research project on ecological education. Today, although my research activities are mainly focused on ecology, I still devote time to a partnership with secondary school teachers to produce teaching pedagogical resources for ecology education, often based on my own research projects. I believe this collaboration between research in ecology and ecology education, is essential to foster the adoption of Agroecology practices by farmers, teachers and pupils.

Teaching activities

General Ecology and Ecology applied to agricultural systems
Key words: evolutionary ecology, agroecology, biological control, ecology education
Some degrees I lecture in: Agricultural secondary school teachers training (Univ. Toulouse), Licence Biology-Organisms-Populations-Ecosystems (Univ. Toulouse III), MSc “The Agrofood Chain” (Univ. Toulouse), International Summer School of Agroecology (European Erasmus + programme “), Course “Biodiversity” (Univ. Cabo Verde – Graduate Program Science for Development).
Responsibilities: 2nd year Master “The Agrofood chain” option: “Productions, Territories and Sustainability”, Seminar leader for 2nd year Master “The Agrofood chain”, 1st year Master courses on “Fundamentals of Ecology” and “Agroecology”, 2nd year Master for teachers training in ecology,…
I developed and implemented new methods of teaching (Project Based Learning) and of teachers training in ecology (new approach on ecology education).