Erik Steen Jensen

Erik Steen Jensen

Research areas

Development and assessment of sustainable and multifunctional cropping systems for food, feed and biomass for the bio-based economy
Ecosystem services from legumes and diversified cropping systems
Crop production and carbon-nitrogen cycling in organic and integrated system


  • Ecology of production systems (MSc Agroecology, lecturer, examiner)
  • Sustainable soil management in agroecosystems (LMP, lecturer, examiner)
  • Sustainable production systems in a global perspective (LMP, lecturer)
  • Crop production (LMP, lecturer)
  • PhD courses in agroecology and organic agriculture (Nova University and ISSAE course responsible and lecturer)



Cropping Systems Ecology Research Group

Department of Biosystems and Technology

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

PO Box 103, SE-230 53 ALNARP, Seeden

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