Georg Carlsson

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My overall research interests lie within cropping systems ecology and are directed to 1) the diversification and multifunctionality of arable crops and cropping systems and 2) the increased use of legumes for sustainable food systems. In order to meet these objectives I strive to use agroecological approaches based on participation with farmers and other stakeholders, systems thinking, ecological principles and multidisciplinary research. More specifically, my research includes studies of ecosystem services provided by diversified cropping systems, incentives and obstacles related to the cultivation and use of legumes as human food sources, factors that influence symbiotic nitrogen fixation, nitrogen dynamics in the rhizosphere and at the cropping system level, and sustainable management of sown species-rich grasslands for biodiversity and bio-energy.


I am engaged in the department’s teaching in the Agroecology, Horticultural Science, Horticultural management, and Agricultural and Rural Management programs, via course management and lectures lectures about crop production, symbiotic nitrogen fixation, nutrient cycling in cropping systems and roles of legumes for sustainable production systems. I supervise and examine students’ theses at the MSc and BSc levels, and I am assistant supervisor of four PhD students.


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Researcher at the Institutionen för biosystem och teknologi

  • Telephone: 040-415254
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  • Work description: agroecology, biological nitrogen fixation, cropping systems, diversification, legumes, nitrogen dynamics, rhizosphere ecology
  • Postal address:Biosystem och Teknologi, Box 103230 53 ALNARP
  • Visiting address: Sundsvägen 16, Alnarp