Jean-Louis Hemptinne

j lAs a teacher at the Ecole nationale de Formation agronomique, I am interested in applied pedagogy. I am not directly involved in pedagogical researches but very eager to find methods that motivate students for learning ecology.

My research activities are developed in the laboratory “Evolution and Biological diversity” (UMR 5174 CNRS/Université de Toulouse III/ENFA “Evolution et Diversité biologique”). They are devoted to the study of the interactions between prey and predators, my favourite biological models being aphids, coccids and ladybird beetles. As an ecologist, I found encouraging that agroecology is seen as a good option for the future. However, opening a dialogue between agronomists and ecologists is not easy. Standing at the crossroad of pedagogy and ecology, I thought I may help. This is the reason of my involvement in ISSAE.